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Thread: Politics & Religion

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    Default Politics & Religion

    There's a new "Politics & Religion" sub-section under the wall. Use it.

    Here are the basic rules we should follow for threads outside the P&R section:

    • Obvious troll attempts in non-P&R threads will be deleted. The poster can object or ask a moderator to move the post, split the thread into the P&R section.
    • New threads about the subjects will be moved there without notice.

    Here are the basic rules we should follow for threads inside the P&R section:

    • If you are going to get offended by the poster's opinion or point of view, don't read there and don't complain.
    • Don't be a jerk for the sake of being a jerk.
    • Our forum's rules still apply--if you're offensive or push the line the posts will be deleted, threads will be locked, puppies shot, etc. etc.

    If you don't like this, well... send me a PM.

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